Come see us this October for the BEST in haunted house entertainment!

  1. WHAT IS TERROR FARM? Terror Farm is an intense, walk-through haunted entertainment attraction featuring state of the art special effects mixed with an old school vintage Halloween vibe. It is a single attraction consisting of three very different themes. It is loud, violent, nasty, dirty, and FUN!

  2. WHERE IS TERROR FARM? Terror farm is located in Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania in and around an ancient haunted barn.

  3. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO VISIT TERROR FARM? Ticket prices depend upon the weekend. Group discounts are available. Check out our ticket page for details.

  4. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO TERROR FARM? You do NOT want to draw attention to yourself - so dress sensibly. It's October, so it's cold. Dress warm! It's a barn so you don't want to be wearing high heels or flip flops or fancy clothes. There are sick, demented twisted monsters running around so you should ask yourself, "do I want to be noticed?" Short answer: "NO. You don't".

  5. CAN ANYONE / ANY AGE VISIT TERROR FARM? No. You must be a mature teen or older without any medical issues that could prevent you from enjoying the attraction. The haunted house is intense, with scenes of graphic violence and adult content. There are strobe lights and fog utilized throughout the haunt. One must navigate steps, uneven floors and grass, and be able to handle tight, confined spaces. It is a DARK and LOUD environment. Anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. If an adult brings a minor to the haunt, and the minor is in distress / crying / or otherwise too upset to continue, you will be asked to leave for the sake of the minor. If you are under the influence of intoxication or drugs, you will be asked to leave immediately. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN IN THESE INSTANCES. Be smart and come to have fun! Leave children at home for their own sake!

  6. WHERE DO WE PARK AT TERROR FARM? There is public parking available around the haunt, and a hayride shuttle is available. Check out the directions page for the address to parking. DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF PEOPLE'S HOMES!

  7. WILL I BE TOUCHED WHILE AT TERROR FARM? Our actors will not intentionally touch you. If you touch an actor or staff member, either intentionally or unintentionally, you will be asked to leave without a refund of your admission.

  8. IS TERROR FARM REALLY HAUNTED? This is our FAVORITE question! Check out the History of Terror Farm link, and you tell us. NO ONE who works here wants to be alone in the building at night!

  9. IS TERROR FARM SCARY? No. Terror Farm is TERRRRRRIFYIN'! But if you are too afraid, we sell “monster protection” for $5.00. What is that you ask? It’s a special glow stick that tells our actors to back off - you might still get startled but you will NOT get chased and your path will NOT be blocked by an actor. NOTE: Monster protection ONLY protects the person holding it, NOT the rest of the group!

  10. HOW CAN I GET A JOB AT TERROR FARM? Use the social media links on our website and reach out to us for an application. Or drop an email to and put "application" in the subject line.